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Have started the 5th season of SG1.

Now as a History graduate who earned letters of commendation from the Dean of the University Arts department… how in the anus of Anubis can I equate MacGyver to Egyptology and metaphysics?

Fidel Castro and his beard…. weird.

Bridging… dancing days.

We look back at an era (4200BC – 2100BC) of fixed earth, where the energy was drawing inward centred at a river valley, fertile with growth and prospective civilization. Culture, arts, beauty, and riches would ensue.

We come to the now of civilization where we are centred on a kingdom of ideas, and the ability to communicate them – setting up instantaneous community – as we go. The AIR is carried by the water bearer. We go from earth or matter, to air. Both are strong with capital.

Currency or direction of these resources would be as the goat to Libra.
There is a chronological timeline of that region from then to here, as there is now an expounded world or grid active from what was created at that river valley. It is easy to get caught up in the geopolitical activity of that region since then as it has been so dominant from the cradle, to wherever it is now.

The ideological chessboard has given birth to a new dimension.
I still like to revisit the 8 circuit psychological model of reality as first posited by Dr Timothy Leary. It was reframed as a biological colonization metaphor by his student, Robert Anton Wilson. His student Antero Alli brought it back to a computer engineering type model. All work equally as well. What is important is that the wielder grasps the tool as well as the reality.

There is still some capacity for a few others to further explain this model and several other features. Peter Carroll’s Chaos Magick and his online university had much to say. Unfortunately I found too much of the language in his online community too inflammatory and the willingness to do anything other than argue theory only saving up to one day maybe achieve entrance rights to tilt at windmills. It was like threshing out mathematical philosophy in high school. The point was that after classes taught by professors and fellows, I would then go outside to train and prepare for my goals within that sporting season. Each evening I would do my homework and turn it in on time throughout the school year.

The point is on that one that I did it then, when I was a teenager, I did it to standard such that I do not need the internet to cocoon me in a chrysalis of adulthood repeating what did in fact work when I was going through the changes of human adolescence in this society. It worked. The math checked out, and the theory was good. On the sporting field I won many days too so I don’t need to get fat in this chair beating the sky pirates on the console elsewhere for the sake of wining points.

I took losses in reality too, and I healed. Study is always a part of promotion and implementing what has been learned then communicating it in several directions…
Study is an important part of Fixed AIR. From the age of Taurus to the Age of Aquarius, the lifestyle of the monk never leaves out the practice of work/study in each day. We probably live in an empire now that places greater value on the intellect and conceptual intelligence. The ability to solve large scale problems mentally in this society can save much real estate, and this is money or capital.

With our minds and in virtual space we can run through so many ways of what would not at first work. 

Lunar return and full

So here we are on the back of yet another game clocked and I move on up to level 3.

With this blog I am revisiting and picking up what took seed in the darkness. We have a bit of growth in the river valley.

I am preparing a session now for Sunday with our RPG group. We decided a while back to revisit D&D and we have been blown away at Pathfinder and where the local community is at with it on my farm.

And there were 15 million fingers learning how to play. And you can hear the fingers picking and this is what they had to say. 

We are playing our adventures in the city of Absalom for now. We brought back one of our heavy hitters from a long history of running a guild in such a city. It sort of adds a new dimension though one we play well within or without. In a Shadowrun sense… or Tyler Durden… we have Philadelphia lawyers when it comes to ‘corporate backing’.

The bogeyman runs. For now.

Watching some docos on UFO’s and area 51. Not bad though I swear the same people act as witnesses with different legends over the productions? Can be legitimate explanations still.

These I liked before they left.

Got to get some more written tonight. Work to do. The Bard becomes Ben. Think a young Ben Kenobi on Tattooine meets Vincent the beast when he met John Conner’s mother. Lol

The corporate kicker has a posse and a supply chain. My NPC’s are still undetermined. I am now have time for the Astrology guild regularly. The last 10 years I dedicated to volunteer work for an extended football community. No doubt I gained much because I dedicated myself to others and took not one cent. In fact it embarrassed several pigs. My sword arm is sort of ok.

Last real challenge was a while ago though occasionally I have had a few dreamers. Look to the skies. What did the ephemeris say for when Rome first fell? A lot of Taurus.

I don’t follow news much though this week I feel for those in America affected by what happened in Las Vegas. I was chatting with the Bard today and we could not understand why anyone would harm people if they had been through some of the treatment he and I have. I have worked with many veterans and survivors of monsters. One thing we have had in common is that we can see through people’s shit and we will never become as them. Parts of the system have not liked this.

I feel despair when innocent people are involved in someone’s darkness. Especially when they have no forewarning. I do not understand. A lot of people here using it to driving their own political moral agenda. Those of us who have lost young ones violently just pour out love and grief for those who now unfortunately know how we feel. It is a club no one wants to join yet has the highest possible joining fees.



Interesting. 2 links in Lisa’s piece worth looking at too.

I often reblog from this blog. Fairly accurate often and synchronous. 

Off to a meeting now that can in part discuss these or similar matters. I don’t follow much mainstream media and just reading in the paper this morning over coffee about Las Vegas. Shocked. I don’t know what possesses some people. I have been on the receiving end of rubbish in my life, and I still don’t know how some people do what they do. A brave man and warrior can heal.